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Does Collector (iOS version) automatically save attachment photos it takes somewhere in the local machine's storage?

Question asked by hbkim08 on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by dmorgenthaler-esristaff

Hello. We are currently experiencing an issue, where some chunk of data that we collected using Collector for ArcGIS may get lost during one of our data manager's job transferring process.


Our data consists mostly of point locations and attachment photos associated with those points. We do have local copies of the point location's shp files, so we are ok on that. However we do not have back up copies of some of the attachment photos.


So we have been trying to find copies of the attachment photos in various devices (smartphones and tablets) that was used to collect those data. I find that android version of Collector does automatically save all attachment photos in (/storage/emulated/0/ArcGISAPP/ArcGIS_Attachments/) folder. By automatically, I mean without having to hit "save to photo library" button for each photos.



However as of now, I cannot find whether the app does the same thing for the iOS version. Would you inform whether this auto saving operations also exist for iOS version of Collector? If it does not, I think this is something that Collector App should be able to do in future, since it just make sense for the app to leave a copy of the data it collects in the local machine.


Thank you much for your answer!