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draw smaller polygons over larger polygons

Question asked by RyanP_LU on Aug 17, 2017
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Want to set up ArcMap to draw all smaller polygons in a feature on top of larger polygons within the same feature. 


Someone asked about this on GIS Stack Exchange and it was marked as answered yet it was not really answered; ArcGIS - possible to set the drawing order of polygon features - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange  (While the title was interpreted as duplicate, the question itself was unique)



I have the total area set up as an attribute, but Symbol Levels don't seem to cut it as I cannot use natural breaks / classes due to the symbolization being on a descriptive field...

     1) The symbology is on separate / descriptive field.

      2) So, went with Unique values, many fields in order to leverage Symbol Levels on the Area attribute.

      3a) Because its unique values I cannot feasibly add all the AREA attributes (all unique / 20,000+ records).

      3b) The Symbol Levels concatenates both fields so I cannot even have it sort by area, due to the Area attribs being grouped by the descriptive attribute.