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Any plan of supporting uncompressed bitmaps provided trough ImageTiledLayer?

Question asked by shzdev on Aug 18, 2017



I was wondering if there will be any support for feeding Bitmap or pixel-array (with info -stride/width/height) as a tile to the ArcGIS Android engine?


I have a custom tileprovider for supporting other map formats than the default support.

Sometimes i work with uncompressed tiles and would love to skip the steps to compress these to (png/jpg) before sending them to the ArcGIS engine. I am quite sure that you decompress these tiles on your end before drawing them to the map surface.


Skipping the compress/decompress steps will probably result in higher performance and more flexibility.


Is this something that is possible with the API today or something the android team will consider implementing in the future?


Thanks for all help.