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Topographic Vector Files- what about Contours?

Question asked by Crittermap on Aug 17, 2017

While the ArcGIS World Topographic Map (raster) has contours, the Vector World Topographic Map does not.


Contours seem like a good use case for Vector Tiles, but they are not there. 




Lest you say that it has contours, try this. 

This web map you reference contains the *raster* topographic map AND the vector topographic map.

The contours are definitely in the raster part.  


On that page, push the basemap button and change the basemap to "Light Gray Canvas".

The contours will disappear. 




What is intended if you want to show contours with it? Is there another source for them? Are they there and just not styled in?


I wanted to hear the thoughts from ArcGISOnline before I start creating my own world contour vector tiled map.

I don't wish to duplicate effort.