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epsg 6870 wms 

Question asked by Colle842 on Aug 17, 2017

I am having problem to open in an ArcMap 10.4 project different wms layer from the Albanian geoportal (Home | ASIG Geoportal  ). The WMS are published through GeoServer and in their capabilities have the EPSG 6870 ie . GeoServer Web Map Service 

I am using as basemap an WMTS that its pretiled in epsg 6870 (official albanian epsg)  link  , also the project is set in these epsg.

 the wms layer its added  in the table of content but in the map view its show nothing.

When I re-project only the map in WGS 84 it shows successfully the WMS layers but it doesn't work form as i am trying to work in EPSG 6870 .

I try in other GIS desktop software like QGIS and Global Mapper and it works fine.