GeoInquiries in Your School's ArcGIS Online Organization

Discussion created by tbaker-esristaff Employee on Aug 14, 2017

We are testing some scripting tools that will clone pointers/links to Esri school instructional materials (GeoInquiries, Mapping Our World, Thinking Spatially) to a school’s ArcGIS Online organization.  This primarily helps facilitate searching for learning materials within the organization.  This process does not transfer data or maps. The clone however does create links to instructional materials, such that when Esri updates activities, you instantly have the updated version accessible via your organization.


If you are interested, please see below for action steps.


Getting Esri Instructional Materials on your AGO organization


  1. Login to your school’s organization and create an account for Esri staff to use to load the instructional materials.  This account will “own” the groups and materials created, although you may change it later. 
    1. Account name: geoinquiries.<Your organization name no space>” (e.g. “geoinquiries.WheatridgeMiddle”
    2. Set a password.
    3. The account should use your email address.
    4. Set account to User (permissions).
  2. Send an email to geoinquiries@esri.com with:
    1. Details from step 1 including login and password
    2. Your school’s ArcGIS Online organizational URL
  1. An Esri staff member will email you back when the transfer has completed. This typically requires about one business day.
  2. We recommend “disabling” (not deleting) the account once the transfer has completed.