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Configuration Keywords in SDE Geodatabase

Question asked by Pamela_Locke on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by Pamela_Locke

Hi,  I am trying to understand configuration Keywords a little better and how they play a roll in GDB set up/function.  I understand the difference between the GEOGRAPHY and GEOMETRY configuration keywords in that the geography keyword will store data using lat/long coordinates systems, and geometry will use projected coordinate systems.   


1.  I have an SDE Geodatabase that I inherited from my predecessor at work and it looks like both GEOGRAPHY and GEOMETRY keywords were set up in this geodatabase (see attachment).  Is this ok? Or does that just mean that some feature classes within the gdb use the geography config. keyword and some use the geometry config. keyword? 


2.   What is the best way to check what configuration keywords were used when importing feature classes from one geodatabase to another?  


3.  Is there a way to make sure all feature classes in a geodatabase use the Geometry Keyword?