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Is World Imagery metadata valid, or am I using it wrong?

Question asked by kzturtlegirl on Aug 11, 2017
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Is the metadata for World Imagery correct?  Can the identify tool be referencing another image not being shown when I zoom in?


Here's the deal:  I am using World Imagery along the Colorado River for some edits to a polygon coverage I have.  It is important that I know the dates of the imagery I am using.  Zoomed out to about 1:2000, I see world imagery that looks just like what APFO/USDA is serving as 2016 NAIP, and Identify tells me it 2016 NAIP that was acquired 20160422. (see attached WI_2k.jpg) 


However, when I zoom in to 1:1500, I see a better-resolution imagery with a very different image (to me), but Identify is telling me it is also 2016 NAIP with an acquisition date of 20160422  (see attached WI_1500k)  .


The two images are not just different resolutions, but also show different realities on the ground.  I have seen this all up and down the River, it's not just this one spot.


There is no way these two images were taken at the same date, and I am confident enough that the zoomed out 2k imagery is 2016 NAIP.  But I like the finer imagery when zoomed in and would like to use it, but cannot unless I know the date it was acquired (most up-to-date imagery is more important than resolution).


So, is the information incorrect, or is there a different way I can find the acquisition date for imagery I see?