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How to change fonts used in the Shortlist app template?

Question asked by starlene on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2017 by schudleigh27

I would like to apply some font changes to my Shortlist  app template- I have seen blog posts on how to change fonts in other apps 

Story Maps Developers' Corner: Customizing the ... | GeoNet 


...and an old reference to customizing the shortlist banner (Customizing the Shortlist Story Map banner | ArcGIS Blog ) but this article seems out of date with the new app template where you can insert custom CSS rules in the index.html. How would I apply a Google font to the current Shortlist template? Or just apply a consistent font in the app? 


I downloaded the code from Github and am hosting on my own server. I downloaded the 'downloadable' one and not the entire source code. Thanks