Retrieve Envelope of a saved map in ArcGIS Online

Discussion created by educos on Aug 10, 2017
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Hi (Sorry for the initial french thread...i just translated so that more people can understand and answer to me)...


I am writing an app using Xamarin ArcGIS component so that I can display a saved map stored in ArcGIS Online.

This is working well...


Now the next step is to prepare the things to work offline with this map.

I found the tutorial that describes the step to work on...

In the first steps, one step consists in defining the area of interest with the following code:


Envelope areaOfInterest = GetAreaOfInterest();

GenerateOfflineMapParameters parameters =await task.CreateDefaultGenerateOfflineMapParametersAsync(areaOfInterest);


As far as I am concerning, the area of interest is just the area I defined when saving the map in ArcGIS Online. The envelope can be displayed in one of the menu of ArcGIS Online.


Now my question is: how I can retrieve this enveloppe using the SDK from the Map object I created from the url ?