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Editor - Could not clip any features

Question asked by EPAForestry on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by aradi.renata

Hi there,


We have recently upgraded to 10.4 desktop and have been experiencing some issues with the clip function whilst editing.

We've been getting the Error "Could not clip any features. There are no features coincident with the selected feature".

A few things of note. We are using SDE databases and this seems to be happening just when using the freehand draw tool. So I've drawn the same polygon to clip (discarding the area that intersects) using the normal polygon option and it will work. But when using the freehand tool to draw the feature, it will come up with this error.

I have tried exporting the features into shapefiles and geodatabases to test and they work fine there when using the freehand tool (though I didn't export the entire database so I'm not sure if it's a matter of too many features/vertices or similar).

Just hoping to find out if anyone has come across similar or might know of a solution? Unfortunately, our workflow heavily depends on using the freehand tool to digitise many polygons. We are unable to revert to the polygon option due to time constraints.


Thanks heaps