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Military DictionarySymbolStyle Error

Question asked by robert.m.goodwin on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by robert.m.goodwin

I was following your example located here (Display military symbols with a dictionary renderer) in order to display Military Symbols based on the DictionaryRenderer.  I get an error when attempting to Open the Symbol Style as follows:


SymbolStyle ss = await SymbolStyle.OpenAsync(@"D:\Source\MapEngine\ESRI\mil2525d.stylx");
DictionarySymbolStyle dss = ss as DictionarySymbolStyle;



The first line executes properly, but the second line fails ( assigns a null value) when assigning the SymbolStyle to the DictionaryStyle.  I downloaded the styles from here:  (


Am I missing something here?  I am on 100.1 of the .NET SDK.