Lots of great new stories added to the Esri Story Maps Gallery

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Worth a look...


Lots of great new stories by you, the user community, have been added recently into the Esri Story Maps Gallery. Maybe your story made it into the Gallery?


The Gallery is a showcase to help inspire authors and prospective authors with what can be created with the storytelling tools that are now part of every GIS professional's toolbox via the ArcGIS platform! You can filter the Gallery by app, subject, industry, format (i.e. embedded in a web page, linked to from a web page) using the menus on the left hand side. You can do keyword searches too. It's well worth spending some time in the Gallery looking for stories that match your subject area, industry or the app template you are most interested in. You may get some ideas and inspiration for your own stories. Or you may come up with a better approach. New additions are always shown at the top of the Gallery so it is easy to check back regularly to see what's new. 


Thanks for all the great work! We know from experience that a lot of time and effort goes into making these stories.


The Story Maps Gallery contains some of the best examples of storytelling with maps we've been able to find, but we know there are others out there. If you think a story map you have made is really compelling, and would spark the creative juices for other story map authors, we encourage you to submit your story for consideration. We curate the Gallery, so only a few submissions get picked each week. See the end of this post for info about submitting your story. 



Story Maps added into the Gallery mid-August 2017 include stories by these organizations and agencies:

Local government
- City of Arlington, TX
- City of Boston, MA
- City of Brampton, Ontario, Canada
- City of Long Beach, CA
- City of Lynchburg, Virginia
- City of Paisley, UK
- City of Tempe, AZ
- City of Westerville, Ohio
- New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission
- San Bernardino County, CA
- The Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska
- Town of Clarkstown, NY

State and Regional Government
- National Capital Commission, Canada
- New Jersey Dept of Environmental Protection
- Ohio Emergency Management Agency
- Pennsylvania Dept of Environmental Protection
- Washington State Dept of Ecology
- Washington State Dept of Transportation

National Government
- Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

- US Forest Service
- USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Non Profits and NGOs
- ACOANA, Venezuela
- Conservancy of Southwest Florida
- Conservation Colorado
- Earthjustice
- Global Footprint Network
- Global Forest Watch
- Grand Canyon Trust
- Greenpeace
- Pathfinder International
- Presbyterian Church (USA) Office of the General Assembly
- Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
- The Amazon Conservation Team
- The Trust for Public Land
- Wildlife Conservation Society

International Organizations
- European Food Safety Authority
- GRID-Arendal

Business and Economic Development
- Live Baltimore

- Harvard University Map Collection

- Regional Transportation Alliance of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Defense and Military
- British Army 3 Medical Regiment

- Town of Clarkstown, NY

- Toronto Water, Canada




The Story Maps Gallery doesn't contain all the great stories that are being created: just a small selection of stories that we think will help inspire authors and that show off successful approaches and best practices that other authors should see.


If you are looking for a story map about a particular topic or location and don't find anything in the Story Maps Gallery, don't forget you can also search all the publicly shared story maps in ArcGIS Online by going to, typing in search terms that include the words story map, and filtering the results on the Apps item type. For example here are all the publicly shared story maps in ArcGIS Online sorted by number of views, most viewed listed first.


We find potential entries for the Gallery via several channels, including searching Twitter to see what story maps organizations and individuals are promoting publicly. You can also submit stories directly to the Gallery for consideration either via the Gallery Submission Form or My Stories. Either way, if you submit a story to the Gallery, be sure to read the terms and conditions on the Submission Form. In particular, the item details in ArcGIS Online for your story must have a thumbnail and a good set of search tags before you submit it. You can add those via ArcGIS Online My Content or My Stories. 


If you submit your story to the Gallery and it doesn't get added, it doesn't mean we don't like it (although it may mean that ). We only pick a few stories to be added every week. We also can't enter into correspondence about why a story you submitted wasn't chosen: not because we don't love reviewing stories and giving tips (we do) but because there's not enough time to do that. Note that getting your story into the Gallery does not promote your story to the intended audience you created it for. Gallery submission isn't a substitute for promoting your story map yourself to your audience. The Esri Story Map Gallery is aimed at our users: you still need to promote your story map to the users you created it for, by tweeting it, adding it to the appropriate web page on your website, mentioning it in email blasts, etc.