How exactly does "Export to vector" work?

Discussion created by zbynek_janoska on Jan 13, 2011
I am using Geostatistical Analyst for spatial interpolation and I need to export data as a vector. I have no troubles exporting data, but I need to know, how does the procedure work. The exact algorithm, to be precise.
As far as I know, the whole exporting is some kind of black box, which is not satisfactory for me.
i.e. when setting symbology for filled contours, i can choose between "draft" and "presentation" quality. This effects the precision of output from "Export to vector" procedure, but I could not find any description, what is the difference between the two, if it depends on scale, on distance between sample points etc.
I haven´t been successfull finding any documentation so far. Can anyone give me a hand?