On raster, ArcGIS 10.5 /Pro 2 having significant improvements

Discussion created by hlzhang525 on Aug 9, 2017

As one of veteran ESRI enterprise users, very pleased to see ArcGIS 10.5 /Pro 2 having significant improvements, especially, with Ortho Mapping on raster.  


With this module in ArcGIS, right now we can directly build 'more reliable' block bundle from VHR stereo pairs of imagery and then generate 'more accurate' point clouds, which can be used for advanced LAS classification, 3D feature extraction, and further 3D modeling 'completely within' ArcGIS and CityEngine, in particular, in urban, industrial, and forest areas.


Thanks for great effort, raster team!


Certainly, looking forward to having 2D feature extraction module available in ArcGIS sooner, which should be based on object based/ oriented framework like Bayasian Networks or NN.








For generation of point cloud from stereo pair, we used to get it done through eATE (LPS, ERDAS). For 3D feature extaction, we used to use ERDAS Stereo (LPS, ERDAS).






For automation of 2D feature extraction (footprints, tree stands, roads, etc.), have been using ERDAS Objective for almost a decade.