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Wrong info populating from pulldata()

Question asked by sthordin on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by dailya

I am trying to implement the pulldata() function in Survey123. This is my first time giving it a shot, so I anticipate the error lies in my work somewhere. I have drafted my survey's XLSform and uploaded the accompanying .csv file into the survey's media folder. What I want to do is be able to type a Parcel ID/Folio in, and then have address, owner, year built, etc. auto-populate in following text questions. I have succeeded in getting the pulldata() to work, since info is being populated into the form. However, the info being populated is wrong. You can see in the screenshot that only Address pulls correctly. I am pretty sure that I am referring to the correct column/table in my pulldata calculation, so the main question is why is it returning odd values? I have tried a handful of different Parcel IDs/Folios and all return the same thing. 

I am not super familiar with .csv files, so maybe something is wrong with the way I converted and saved the spreadsheet? My methodology was to 1) compile all the data I wanted into a shapefile in ArcMap 2) export attributes to dBASE 3) conversion tools > table to Excel 4) Open in Excel and save as .csv standard comma delimited. I will attach my XLSform and .csv here. 


Update: (attachments removed)