Experiences of the "radial propagation" cost distance algorithm?

Discussion created by masal on Jan 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2011 by masal
Has anyone used the recently published Python code for the "radial propagation" cost distance algorithm? (see Tomlin (2010) Propagating radial waves of travel cost in a grid. Geographical Information Science 24(9): 1391-1413).

Being new to Python (and coding in general), I´m having difficulties in getting the code working. One
problem is to interpret the indentations correctly - copy+paste from the pdf confuses the indentation (and it is rather challenging to interpret them visually) and the html version has no indentations at all. Furthermore, I´m not sure if I understand correctly all the required inputs.

I´d be happy to hear other people´s experiences if someone else has tried to run the code. Thanks!