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Issues printing PDF Documents fonts and colors missing?

Question asked by yankees3490 on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

I currently have an HP Design Jet z5400. When I print PDF documents many colors and fonts are missing. I will include I will include a picture of what is happening as an attachment.  The plotter seems to have issues with certain fonts and colors. I talked with the HP tech yesterday and we trouble shot the plotter.  We reset the plotter and restored the firmware.  I had initially thought that I was a firmware issue however it was not.  They recommended that I try and flatten my PDF document.   I tried printing a map in a TIFF format and it works fine however it rasterizes the image and small text is blurry.  I have also tried printing maps in an EPS format and it works fine and the text comes out perfectly clear.  This workaround is fine temporally however this is an extra step it also formatted on the page by releasing unnecessary paper then printing the document.  I want to consult people before I waste more ink on bad test pages.   Here are the steps that I have tried so far:


  1. Called HP technical support to reset firmware
  2.  Printed as TIFF and EPS format as stated earlier
  3.  Consulted this ESRI article: (Tried to embed fonts in ESRI output did not work, Tried to download Microsoft font properties but will not install because it's an EXE on a US Army Machine
  4.  Consulted Adobe Article About Flattening (There are many ways to flatten a document here and I don’t want to go don’t want to go down this path until I have consulted more people I don’t want to waste more ink.