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Data remaining in Downloaded Collector Maps after changes to attributes that are filtered

Question asked by MPCGroup_Admin on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by NielsVem

The basic premise of what we are working on is that we have a large amount of dynamic data and it is filtered to only display design data that is approved for Construction. This design changes regularly and swaps between approved and unapproved based on changes to site conditions and construction requirements.


To achieve this is a simple definition query in which a field Status is set to one of three options, Proposed, Current, and Archived. This is the same principle we have been using for years with the ESRI suite of products. To keep the Construction teams isolated from building unapproved or old designs query is set up so that data is only shown on any map they see to Status = Current.


In downloaded maps in collector if a feature is changed from current to anything else the features remain in Arc Collector as current until the map is removed and re-downloaded again. During a sync the data is never updated or removed from the originally downloaded data.


This behaviour is not the same behaviour that occurs in normal replicas or versions, this only occurs in offline maps in collector. What is the point of the sync functionality if it only does half of the job. I would have expected that any features that are removed from the map from a change in attribution by a layer query would also be removed from any downloaded maps after a synchronisation occurs?


Does anyone have a work around solution for this type of replication management in a disconnected environment?


We are now looking at other options to solve this as I can see no logical way of solving the issue.


We have tried Definition queries in the service layer within ArcGIS Server.

Filters within the Published map in ArcOnline.


I should also mention that this works perfectly in where a feature is changed to current but not when it is changed from current to something else. At a function level it looks like the adds table is functioning correctly but the delete table is not being referenced in the child replica as the feature is filtered out.