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Questions About App Stores

Question asked by deleted-user-1_r2dgYuILKY on Aug 8, 2017
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I have some questions about App Studio, and I can't find the answers on the ESRI product page. I've been developing my company's website using our ArcGIS Server and the ArcGIS Javascript API. I've created interactive maps and geoprocessing tools that return reports and charts to users based on map clicks. We want to start to expand these offerings to mobile devices, and we're looking at investing App Studio for ArcGIS Standard. I'm wondering about making apps available for sale. Would we be restricted only to certain app stores (Apple, Google, Microsoft) or could we sell them in any app store? Do we have to have an ArcGIS online account to use App Studio? We do not currently have an account, we do everything from our ArcGIS Server.