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Collector Offline Download Error

Question asked by svikram86 on Aug 8, 2017

I have a webmap which has editing layers coming from ArcGIS Data Store and the Reference Layers coming from ArcSDE which is non versioned, Archiving Enabled and has GlobalID field. 


When I try to go offline in Collector. It Fails and says "Failed to create a replica"


When I try to create a replica using Rest End Point it fails if I include Layer ID 3 . If I don't include then the replica is successful. So when I tried to remove the layer from the webmap. Now I can go offline. 


I tried to publish layerID 3 as a separate service and added to the same map. Offline download was successful. 


I am not sure why it is not working when the layer is in the same service ? Any ideas?


Please Note:

Reference Feature Class in SDE are inside Feature dataset. 

Recreated all feature class with new name , non versioned, Archiving Enabled and has GlobalID field. Still not working.