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ArcGIS JS API 3.21 InfoTemplate ZoomIn Button

Question asked by on Aug 8, 2017
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Has anyone had luck attaching a click event to a custom button built in the HTML of the InfoTemplate? Here's my InfoTemplate HTML:

uploadInfoTemplate = new InfoTemplate ({     title: "",     content: "<strong>Segment:</strong> ${segment}" +              "<hr/>" +              "<strong>Time:</strong> <i>${dateTime}</i>" +              "<div style='width: 100%; text-align:right;'>" +                  "<input class='zoomButton' type='button' value='Zoom to' />" +              "</div>" });

I then have hidden items on the default InfoTemplate, i.e. the zoomTo link. I want to simply replace the zoomTo's functionality with a button, to make it look a little nicer.