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Map-based Photo Survey Application

Question asked by achipman_crec on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by CBuscaglia-esristaff

Is there a map-based version of the Photo Survey app? Something similar to the Inspection project in Drone2Map, but that can ask questions and be hosted in a webapp for those without the Drone2Map software?


I work for an electric utility, and I am trying to use the images collected by drone flights to inspect or quickly view and categorize poles and conductor. I can take the images from drone flights and stitch them together into orthomosaics, then share and host them via a webapp for linemen or supervisors to then inspect the area for damage.


But I would like them to be able to correlate the photos to the map quickly, ie - be able to go directly to a pole or specific area of concern. It would also be nice to have them be able to answer questions about a particular pole, just like in the Photo Survey app.


Which leads to another question... What happens to the data collected by the Photo Survey? Can that data then be used to symbolize the webmap to show which areas have been inspected or which poles have been identified as damaged?


Perhaps Photo Survey isn't the proper tool to accomplish this task. Does anyone have recommendations for a webapp or similar tool that would work?