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Survey123:  Individual report map wrong extents

Question asked by nbanerjee on Aug 7, 2017
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We have created a survey in Survey123 Connect.  Everything in the actual Survey123 and Survey123 Connect seems to be working fine.  However, when we access the same survey from the Survey123 website and try to view surveys (under 'Data' tab), we are having issues with map extents.  The overall map zooms to the extents of the features which is fine.  However, when I click on an individual record the smaller map under 'Individual Response' zooms over California.  All of our points are in North Carolina.  Below is a screenshot.  Survey was created using Survey123 Connect 2.3.24 (latest version).


Any idea if there is a way to change this behavior if just a bug?



NealIssue showing Individual Response map defaulting to extents over California whereas all surveys are in NC