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Glitchy behavior in ArcGIS Pro 2.0

Question asked by cjstrong on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by rleclair-esristaff

I'm noticing some issues since updating to version 2.0.  Not exactly eager at this point to open a help ticket, wondering if anyone else has seen these issues


  • It takes very long to open projects (much longer than 1.4).  Sometimes this can take between 5-10 minutes.  I have a handful of layout tabs and two map tabs, and I use a connection to our SQL database.
  • Once the project opens, I have the red exclamation mark meaning broken data links.  The data in question still appears in my layouts/maps, but I'm unable to change symbology until I repair the links.  This continues to occur every time I open the project, even after fixing the links and saving the project.
  • I see really odd annotation behavior.  I have four different annotation layers, and only the top most layer is visible in my map.  If it turn it off, only the next one is visible, etc, etc.  I've also noticed, that I can get both the top two layers to show if I adjust the transparency (albeit they both show up faded).  None of these labels are coincident.  This only affects how I see the information in the project - when I export a PDF map, annotation displays as it should
  • The map frame fails to update after I make a symbology edit.  Nothing is affected in the table of contents view, and nothing is updated in either the layout or map tabs, despite hitting apply.  Even a hard refresh fails to display symbology changes.  Only saving the project and reopening will show the updated symbology changes.  I have also noticed that updates to symbology prevents the layer from loading at all (the layer is not visible, but you are still able to query it).


These are all obviously very annoying bugs, and make exporting even current maps a time consuming process.  I really wish I had not updated, and I'm afraid that I may be forced to re-author these maps from scratch in ArcMap in order to work with them.




Well, I haven't really looked into this further, but we may have fixed the issue while fixing something else.  Apparently ArcMap 10.5 uses a different way to manage group permissions, and when I upgraded from 10.4.1 our System Admin had to make some changes there.  After the changes were made, I have normal behavior and no issues opening ArcPro 2.0 documents.


If it was a permissions issue all along, I'm not sure why I was still able to view data, even if it had broken links, but this fix did the trick.  I can explain the actual changes we made in further detail if that's helpful for anyone.  Hopefully this insight will assist others!