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Label Manager use of "Not" function

Question asked by bklemons on Aug 3, 2017
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Question re:  Label Manager in ArcMap 10.4


Trying to create a label class using the "Not" function in SQL Query to exclude certain values, and can't seem to make it work.


Here's an example -

I have, say, 200 different PLANT types, 1 thru 200. I want to create a label class that includes all but the fifteen PLANT types 35, 57, 62, 83, 86 .... So in the SQL Query I enter:  "PLANT" NOT '35' ... etc.


Yes, I know there are ways to approach it other than using the "Not" function. But I'd like to do it using the "Not" function if there's a simple way to do that.


Does the "Not" function not work in creating label classes in this way? Or is there a trick to it that I'm not seeing?