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Calculate/Compare 3D-angle and rotation of two polygons

Question asked by Reepmeyer on Aug 3, 2017
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Hi everyone, I hope this forum can help me with a problem of one of my archaeology students. We conducted an experiment were we measured the spatial movement of artefacts after trampling of an area. Our data are two polygon layers (before/after trampling) in an arbitrary x,y,z coordinate system (Total Station data, can be georeferenced/projected). Each polygon is one artefact and consists of three data points. The two layers are related in that we shot in each point for every artefact before and exactly the same point again after excavation. I would like to automate the process of identifying movement of each artefact (each polygon). I would be interested in the change of 3D-angle and rotation of each artefact. I tried to do this in ArcScene, but I’m a bit lost. I’m also not sure whether ArcGIS is the best program to do this or whether there are easier solutions. Any help would be much appreciated.