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Yaw, pitch, roll from Solmeta GPS geotagger

Question asked by stacie.hardy_noaa on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by stacie.hardy_noaa

We are using a Solmeta GPS geotagger to record yaw, pitch and roll for oblique images taken. I have found numerous equations online for converting yaw, pitch and roll to omega, phi and kappa, but none have been successful in properly georeferencing the image locations. Has anyone used this tool and had luck with converting the values to create a frames file for ortho mapping? What is the most appropriate way to convert these values to omega, phi and kappa. Yaw is recorded as 0 = N, 90 = E, etc; pitch as 0 = level, - = left tilt, + = right tilt; roll as 0 = level, + = up, - = down. Thanks in advance for your help.