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Import Event Bookmarks in FMV from external source?

Question asked by GeodynamicsGIS on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by GeodynamicsGIS

Hello all,


I was curious if you might be able to help me determine a workaround for importing Event marks in FMV.  
I was hoping to be able to create and import a CSV file from some external event marks.  However it seems that the "Elapsed Time" is the primary field that links the events with the videos spatially and temporally.  So unless I have the exact start time within my external event file, to deduce the elapsed time of the event, I can't import these external events as bookmarks. I know I could go through a few files and get the start time of each video, and add that to my external event log, and deduce the Elapsed Time that way, but was looking for something a bit cleaner.
Can you think of a workaround within ESRI? 
Thanks for your time,