How to rename Portal after install completes

Discussion created by DTRACXQ on Aug 3, 2017
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During the install wizard for Portal for ArcGIS, you name Portal. The default is 'arcgis' and you can name it anything you desire, I typically change it to 'portal. So your URL will look similar to http://<computer.domain>:7443/portal/home . During troubleshooting, I reinstalled portal using the repair option, now the URL is http://<computer.domain>:7443/arcgis/home which is not desired. My question: after repair install is completed...is there a way to change the configuration or portal name from 'arcgis' to 'portal' to return my URL to http://<computer.domain>:7443/portal/home without uninstalling and rerunning the install wizard? 


My next course of research in hunting the admin directory for a solution. So far, I did not find anything via google search or geonet. Thank you.