Using Workforce for water meter shut-offs

Discussion created by monzay on Aug 2, 2017
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Once a month, over a period of 2 days, our utility department provides a list of customer addresses to the Maintenance department to shut the water meter off. After the bill gets paid they call Maintenance to turn the water back on. Last week I set up Workforce to streamline this process. In the past it was done with paper and phone calls.


For the most part it worked well on the first day For the 2nd day I made the utility billing specialist a dispatcher and he immediately saw how it streamlines the process if HE makes the assignments.


I set up one project for both turn off and turn on assignments. Typically the workers turn off in the morning and then start turning on in the afternoon. The main issue with the dispatcher map is that when a turn off assignment is completed the map shows a green dot. If that location gets assigned again to turn on and it gets completed it become a green dot also. When there is a mixture of finished dots for both turn off and turn on assignments the map gets confusing. In this case, you really need to look at the list instead.


One thought I had was to create different projects for turn on and turn off assignments. For the dispatcher map I would add the turn off assignments layer to the turn on project and vice versa. This would allow me to change the symbols and/or colors to a something different for that other assignment type.


It would mean that the worker would need to remember to switch between projects.


The other thought I had would be to leave the assignments combined and in the dispatch map use a copy of the assignment layer plus filters on both layers. I can change the symbols to differentiate between the two layers, however, in the project where the dispatcher would work there is no legend to help the user.


Has anyone used Workforce for water meter shut offs?

Has anyone found that two projects are better than one project?