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Multiple Layer for symbology choices causes Filter pain

Question asked by mike.robb on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by dafiter

Hi everyone,


Business wants to be able to represent (symbolize) the 'same' data multiple ways.  Currently this can only be done by adding multiple layers with the different symbology (all pointing to the same data).  Or is there a way I've overlooked? 

The downfall to making mutliple layers is now the layman user would either need to know to apply the separate filters based on the layers they choose for symbology, creating duplicate filters.

But wait... there is a Group Filter Widget.... but wait... this clunky awful widget just doesnt sit well with users.


Is there any ideas, direction, code snippits to rig up the FILTER widget (not the group one) to point to multiple layers (which look at the same featureclass - so schema is the same).  The Filter widget can be setup where as the user simply clicks on their options... (e.g. seen below can click on Low Battery and Bad Health)  The user doesnt want to bother 'Adding criteria' like in the Group Filter), nor does group filter have the user ease as the Filter widget.


I'd love to hear options, thoughts or alternate approaches to this (exception of JavaScript API of course) but to keep this in WABde.  Thanks


Group Filter:







Other widgets such as Info Summary widget is handled by pointing it to a hidden featureclass that has ALL records visible in the REST service