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Generate Tessellation Pro 2.0 not creating requested size of hexagons

Question asked by johnsonj on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

I'm having trouble with the Generate Tessellation GP tool in Pro 2.0.  I can't get it to create the correct sized polygons. 



I created a new Pro project and added our County boundary polygon, in State Plane, feet. I verified that the Map Frame coordinate system is in feet.MapFrameUnits


I generated a tessellation using the extent of the County boundary and specifying a size of 1 square mile.

Tessellation Settings



The output is NOT a set of polygons with area=1 sq mile, but rather area= 0.092903 sq miles (2589988.8 sq feet). This is the consistent area of the polygons in the result whether I generate square or hex polygons.

Tessellation Attribute Table

 Any ideas?