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Zooming beyond native resolution

Question asked by Crittermap on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by Crittermap

Is this not something ArcGIS can do?


For example, USA Topo Maps has a native resolution up to level 15. 


Suppose you want to zoom into 17 or 19. 


But it won't let you zoom any farther than 15.


Are there other properties I am missing?


There are a few good reasons why we'd want to do this:  

-Vector layers will have more resolution to zoom in. 

-Offline tiled maps are likely to have a limited range of scale.  

-Its better to see a stretched image than nothing at all, or not being allowed to zoom in. 


This is what the map looks like at 15

At 15


Here is what the map looks like at 19. Doesn't look different, does it? That's because it didn't let us zoom that far. 


At 19.


Then we run across the example of the min and max scale. 

We thought we'd be smart and set min=1 and max=400000. 


Now we can zoom in. And see nothing.

Zooming in to 19. seems to have the same limitations: