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download many txt files from web

Question asked by EthanD on Aug 1, 2017



I need to download several hundred txt files from the web that contain information on forest loss (Global Forest Change ).  After I get the forest loss downloaded I need to repeat for forest gain.  Each txt file contains information for a 10 deg tile, with several hundred tiles covering the globe.  The website containing the data does give a link to the URL for each txt file/tile, , but, I don't know how to download all of these at once using either the ArcMap GUI or Python code.  I don't have Python code experience, but am an experienced user with the GUI.  There are too many tiles to individually download in a timely manner for both forest loss and gain.


I am using ArcMap 10.2 for Desktop.


Once I have the files downloaded, I am fine with batch converting from txt to raster.


I just haven't had to handle so many files at once before--global coverage at 30m resolution.  I am hoping to write code so ArcMap can download the data from the web, or, that there is an existing tool in the Toolbox.  I would prefer an existing tool in the Toolbox but can definitely learn if need be--I have some experience in R, though not with this issue.


Thanks for any help.