Polygon layer not accurately positioned

Discussion created by bulawalt on Jan 12, 2011
In comparing the placement of our polygon layer (through an ESRI service) against the background imagery in a Flex application and a Google Maps application, we noticed that they don't agree well and appear better in the Flex application.

Flex application at: http://gis.idaho.gov/tax/IdahoParcels/ ; Locate: enter Gooding, ID ; Map Overlays: click on Parcels->Gooding; turn on Satellite map; zoom in as much as possible to area around blue pin.

On another IE tab:

Google application at: http://apps.gis.idaho.gov/tax/Google/Parcels/a4.html then click the Find! button; turn on Satellite imagery then zoom to 3rd marker from the top.  Tha should offer roughly the same territory as the Flex application.

Notice how the parcel lines cut across buildings as they do not in the Flex application.  Both parcels sources are Web Mercator (although I have tried other projections - with the same result).

Is there a fix such that the parcel lines in the Google application will be positioned as they are in the Flex application?