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Retrieve information from a weather source

Question asked by vanonzen on Aug 1, 2017

Hi all,


I can't find a clear example for this problem. I want to display weather information on an ESRI-map. As I can't query all 100.000 weather stations and present them on the map, I need to prioritize them. 


Is there an example available which is doing the exact same thing? 


I think about the following actions:

1) Create a FeatureLayer

2) Get The Bounding Box of the current map

3) Query for x weather stations in this area  

4) Get weather reports for these stations

5) Add symbols to the map

6) Add events to all actions (zoom-in, out, move-center)

7) Combine all 


I would like to work from a clear example (as it is easier to do), and preventing pitfalls. Any tips? Any remarks on above actions?


How can I do actions 2 & 6?


With regards,