Raster Mosaic Dataset (RMD) Management Strategies

Discussion created by mvolz47 on Aug 1, 2017
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My organization is in the process of upgrading ArcGIS software from 10.3.1 to 10.5.1.  We manage our imagery data in a file gdb that contains 8 RMDs that is used for desktop users as well as AGS image services.  In the investigation process leading up to the upgrade we found that if the RMDs were just viewed in desktop 10.5.1, they could no longer be opened in 10.3.1.  ESRI technical support could not replicate this behavior nor did other endusers on GeoNet, so it was determined to be a data specific issue.  The RMDs (at least 5 of them) have been around through several upgrades (10.2.0 to 10.2.2, 10.2.2 to 10.3.1) without any corruption.


This behavior leads me to think that either the imagery is not in the correct format or the file gdb needs to be recreated from time to time (during software upgrades) as they have a tendency to become corrupted if they have been around for a good amount of time (at least 4 years).


I'm just wondering how other GIS users are storing their imagery data.


If you are storing your imagery data in an RMD in a file gdb, do you periodically recreate the file gdb and RMD so it does not get corrupted over time?


Any feedback on this topic is greatly appreciated.