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time-aware progress?

Question asked by charlie.elverson on Aug 1, 2017

I'm curious if there's a time-frame for when the various time-aware features will be supported in V4 of the JS API.


On top of that, does anyone have a suggestion for an efficient work-around for animating radar imagery from a WMS? I'm using the Iowa State NEXRAD like so:


let nexrad = new WMSLayer({
url: '',
customLayerParameters: {
layers: ['nexrad-n0q-wmst'],
//time must be in 5 minute increments
time: nd.toISOString().slice(0,-10)+(nd.getMinutes() - nd.getMinutes() % 5) +':00.000Z'
My thinking is that I'll just create an animate method which retrieves the preceding 15 time slots and stores them. Then, just cycle through the results.