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Survey123 with IWA

Question asked by nick.moore on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by JTedrick-esristaff

Hi Team

We are having issues getting survey123 to work with IWA and non-federated feature services.

According to the release info in IWA is supported, however we cant seem to make any headway.

We have a very specific workflow that we have been trying to get to work using non-Federated Feature Services and Survey123 with a server that uses web-tier / IWA authentication. We currently collect a lot of field data back to non-federated features services using Collector for ArcGIS which works well, however a similar workflow does not work for Survey 123.

Our Collector workflow at the moment is establishing the web services on our own infrastructure then adding these web services to an AGOL map. Using this webmap we are able to login to our AGOL, then using our organizational credentials authenticate for the individual feature services within that map. Collector pulls up an additional authentication window to do this.

So I have followed the following workflow:

Before the recent AGOL updates we were able to Add Item from Web (without embedding credentials due to the iwa) to generate a proxy service however we now get a “Required – Valid Service credentials not fully specified” Error.

Then from this Proxy we generated the Survey123 form and published successfully. With Survey123 on an IWA platform we could submit without issues as the authentication worked. However on a non IWA platform (IOS) we would get the 401 Unauthorized we submit the surveys. I would have thought at this stage Survey123 would recognise the 401 and pop up a credentials pop up to authenticate to the service. Is this the expected behaviour?

If I try and use our URL (not the Proxy) as the submission URL and then on publishing using version 2.3.24) I get “The custom feature service Submission_url is not compatible with this survey (Request Error Missing serviceItemId)”

Any help as to why we can’t add item from the web firstly in AGOL would be appreciated and then some knowledge around the expected behaviour in Survey123 when a 401 is returned, and then also why we cant use our URLs as a submission_url?


Thanks in advance


Marika Vertzonis

Zhifang Wang

Ismael Chivite

James Tedrick