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Feature loses data

Question asked by stain3565 on Aug 1, 2017

I have some Python code below and this is exactly the order in which it is submitted, no missing code:



    InitialShapes = int(arcpy.GetCount_management(FeatureLayerForDeletionProcess).getOutput(0))   
    if LogAllEvents == "Y":
        message = "[INFO] GISMappingAddressPoints - Initial Address Shapes = " + str(InitialShapes)



There is a method to log all actions (where LogAllEvents) but as can be seen, all the logic does is :

1. Make FeatureLayerForDeletionProcess layer

1a. Get a copy of this in "FLFDPInitial")

2. Get a count of rows in FeatureLayerForDeletionProcess via InitialShapes variable

3. Output this using AddMessage

4. Get a second copy of this in FLFDFinal



STrange things are happening with FeatureLayerForDeletionProcess. The FLFDPInitial copy has over 24000 rows (looks fine) but the FLFDFinal copy is empty. Also the InitialShapes value is reported as 0.


The suggestion is this feature empties in the code in between but there is no actual action being carried out other than a CopyFeatures and a count of the rows. So nothing transforms this but it appears empty later on

How can this occur? I am using "in_memory" for the feature classes. Could this be an issue for how transient the data appears to be?