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ArcObjects: Setting symbol levels doesn't seem to apply unless switched to advanced view

Question asked by mikedailybuild on Jul 28, 2017

Using the information provided on I've been able to set map levels on my ISymbol objects, but unsure if it's working how I expect. If I'm not in 'Advanced View' (layer properties -> Symbology -> Advanced -> Symbol Levels -> and clicked 'Switch to Advanced View') I don't know for sure if the values are set properly since if I switch from default to advanced the values get reset from 0-N. There seems to be some flag that gets set when you toggle from default to advanced, and I need to set that for my users to be able to know what values were set and/or not accidentally reset the values. Anyone have an idea on what toggles the default/advanced view through ArcObjects? The documentation states default view's join and merge '... are implemented behind the scenes using symbol level objects and interfaces', so there must be a way?