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Lines not drawing in pro scene

Question asked by oliver_burdgis on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by oliver_burdgis

I'm using contour feature classes (z enabled layers) in ArcGIS Pro to create a 3D scene. However, when I bring the feature classes into ArcGIS Pro not all of the features draw. In ArcMap there is no such problem. Here's the lines in ArcMap:


And the same feature class in a Pro Scene:


I have tried saving my ArcMap feature class as a layer file and applying that symbology to the feature class in Pro. No luck. The missing lines are parts of the same features (same heights) and I'm not sure what would be causing this. Removing the layer and brining it back in does not help and the error is consistent.

Interestingly if I add the feature class as a 2D layer in in Pro they reappear. I'm thinking this could be something to do with base height or similar but I've turned off the basemap and cannot see the lines.

If I apply a "cartographic offset" they come back. However I don't have "ground" DEM in this scene. I just want to use the lines themselves and their z values.




It would appear I am using a "ground" DEM as is the default when starting a scene. I went to the scene properties and changes the ground exaggeration from 1.0 to 0.99 and I can now see everything. Next up... let's see how these render in AGOL.