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Portal privatePortalUrl and Federation Admin Url from Cloud Builder deployment

Question asked by fsheagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on Jul 27, 2017
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I am looking for a bit of clarification on the privatePortalUrl setting in ArcGIS Enterprise / Portal for ArcGIS and the Server Admin Url in federation in a Cloud Builder context


The description of the setting in the API reference says


  • privatePortalURL—Informs the portal that it has a front end load-balancer/proxy reachable at the URL. This property is typically used to set up a highly available portal configuration.

In this thread Portal Best Practices for setup?  this comment is made


"In Portal HA, you'd also set the private portal URL for Portal, (the URL used by Server to talk to Portal) to go through a load balancer as well to make sure that even if one of the Portals go down, you can still reach the Portal." Jonathan Quinn



so is this url just for internal traffic only and doesn't need to be resolved externally? When deploying through Cloud Builder this is set to be one of the internal load balancers in front of Portal, but behind a public reverse proxy (using IIS with ARR).


The second part of this is also when deploying with Cloud Builder, the Portal / GIS Server federation has the public DNS for the services url and the internal load balancer in front of the GIS servers for the admin url.


What I see is that when using ArcGIS Pro it is very slow to share web layers etc and you can see this internal IP being exposed - there are multiple timeouts as ArcGIS Pro attempts to connect to the load balancer ip (on the admin url) - it eventually does bring up the sharing tool and does share ok but makes the experience in ArcGIS Pro very slow.


Looking at the AWS documentation it states that the services and admin url should be the same public DNS - is this the same for Azure? And why is Pro connecting to the federated admin URL anyway? Shouldn't this be faciliated by Portal? What happens if this is disabled as per portalscan / serverscan recommednations? I had thought that the admin url was another back end channel for comms between Portal and the GIS server?


So the question is if this is a private "backend" communication channel why does ArcGIS Pro attempt to connect to it? Should this setting be an external DNS? 

If anyone could provide some insight into the actual mechanics of ArcGIS Pro and the federated admin url that would be appreciated.





Deploy Portal for ArcGIS on AWS—ArcGIS Enterprise on AWS | ArcGIS Enterprise 

{"localHttpPort":"80","localHttpsPort":"443", "portalLocalHostname" : "", "privatePortalURL" : "" }

There is another linkwith the federation whihc also has the external public DNS