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Recovering "noxlsform" tagged Survey123 forms

Question asked by doctorjproctor on Jul 28, 2017
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I created several Survey123 forms in 2016, saved as masters, then published duplicated versions for use. When I come back to these (unpublished) master forms I cannot edit them—in fact, the screen refresh seems to barf, and I generally need to logout/login to Survey123 to see my forms again.


The only clue I can see is that two tags have been added to these forms: "draft" and "noxlsform." These are not tags I added, so I assume they were at some point added automatically.


I need to figure out how to recover these master forms so that I can edit them, then republish into current versions for use. I've tried to simply save a copy and edit, which has yielded variable results, i.e., either the saved copy does not display at all upon editing, or some fields prove editable while others do not display (then I need to logout/login again as noted above).


I can of course create these forms from scratch, but maybe there is an easier way—I'd like for instance to maintain my initial field choice lists. I'd also be curious whether I can expect this barf to happen again!...would not like to have to repeat this adventure.


Sure appreciate any leads/advice.


Jim P.