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Question asked by esmathers on Jul 28, 2017
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I have a fairly non-unique subject that I am accumulating location information about (New York State Waterfalls). I know that a good part of the content is unique to my "survey". Other content I researched and included in the citation, even though we personally fact checked the information after collecting the initial point information (waterfall name and coordinance).

My question would be:
Once I decide to make this survey public, how do I protect the data from being mined by a "competitor" for their gain? I do not plan on financially gaining from this project, but I have a team of people that have placed decades of work into this survey and I wish to keep them cited for their work.

I am aware of the meta that can be added, but this only serves as a warning... I would like it to be known if anyone has used the data from my specific survey.


A second question would be:

How do I share the content, but restrict access to the "private" locations (posted or inaccessible)? I would love to build a layer only seen by my team and Accademia.