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Vector Tile Layers

Question asked by vanonzen on Jul 27, 2017
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Hi all,


I just took my time to lean everything about the vector tile layer. And the documentation is really shattered; but my most important places are:

What is a geodatabase?—Geodatabases | ArcGIS Desktop  (Information about creating a geo database)
I have the following five questions:
1) We want to use a very limited dataset, only containing larger cities, lakes, etc and don't want to use the road information etc.
Is it possible to host our own VectorTileServer ; What are the specifications?
2) We want to use all potential styling options. There is a reference to a mapbox site about styling. Only the documentation is incorrect for ARCGIS . When I copy the MapBox style to ARCGIS I receive error messages about incorrect styling.So which options are supported, and which aren't?
3) Is it possible to localize the city names etc. (if available, if so, which languages are available)?
4) Is it possible to display the city names with a 3d effect, depending on the camera angle ?
5) Is it possible to rotate the labels depending on the camera angle?
With regards,