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Editing Possibly broken in 10.5.1 Portal when using WAB Templates

Question asked by jeff.pace Champion on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by jeff.pace


 We recently upgraded portal to 10.5.1.  All our editing apps that are based on templates broke.  New apps can be created with editing fine, as soon as that app is exported to a template and launched the edit widget no longer loads the edit templates (developer tools shows credentials is null, and cannot getUser from null, even after logging in to service)


Here are my steps, can someone with a 10.5.1 Portal and an on premise AGS using token security


  1. Create a feature service with security (not single sign on)
  2. Register that service as an item in portal, not saving credentials (prompt every time)
  3. Create a webmap using that service
  4. Create an application (using web app builder) using that webmap
  5. Add the editing widget and configure it
  6. Save and launch the app.
  7. Log in
  8. At this point, everything works and the app works (including the edit templates loading)
  9. Now go back Web application in portal
  10. Choose edit application
  11. Under the save options, export as template
  12. In portal, go to the template in my content
  13. Click view application
  14. Verify the edit templates still load (mine do)
  15. Back in my content, create -app- using a template
  16. Select template and create web app
  17. Preview edit widget in config interface, verify edit templates load (Mine still do)
  18. Click launch
  19. At this point, edit templates no longer load when the Edit Widget is open 


Yes i have a ticket open with support.  Was just hoping for as much info as possible. Yes i rolled back and reupgraded (from 10.5).


Thanks in advance