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WHat is the best laptop to run ArcGIS Desktop 10.4

Question asked by meganisaacs on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by meganisaacs

Yes I know this is a bit of a big ask but I would like someone to #recommend a few #laptops for me to run ArcGIS Desktop. I also run WindPro which is a windfarm developer software (requires  CPU running at 2 GHz and minimum of 2 GB RAM).  I find my current computer pretty slow now but it is 4 years old.  It is also really heavy.  I am currently using a novatech Inspire with an added graphics card.  My files are are stored on my computer but also uploaded to the clouds.


I would like a laptop which is fairly light weight with minimum screen size of 14-15 inch and that is fast with lots of memory budget £1500-£2000??


Any recommendations?


Thank You