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Has anyone thought about ArcGIS for Adobe InDesign?

Question asked by tobrien99 on Jul 27, 2017

I know esri has just launched ArcGIS for Illustrator and Photoshop, and those tools are great, but what my department needs is the same functionality that you get from ArcGIS for Office, but in InDesign.


Ideally, you could draw out a frame on your document and that would act as the bounds for the map, then load data from a spreadsheet or from Online, position the map in the frame, just like you do in ArcGIS for Office, and boom you have a clean clear map in your document ready to print.


This wouldn't be so helpful for in-depth GIS analysis applications, but for organizations where you just want to display some set of point or area data to accompany your proposal narrative in an attractive way it would be awesome. 


Anyone thought about that? Multi-million dollar idea just waiting...